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The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1563)

World Building Table of Contents



Start with world building conceptualization to discover what kind of world you want to build and what it’s purpose will be. This section will help your organize how to get started, review the core assumptions of the RPG rules system you want to use, and how to tweak it to best fit your world with optional rules and home brew content.


The abstract portion of worldbuilding focuses on the fundamental cultural building blocks of your world. Primarily this section deals with developing the gods, pantheons, and organized religions, rituals, and rites of your world.

Atlas World Map

This section is about creating an Earth-like world map. It focuses on the most zoomed out view of the world and goes from determining the size and layout of the map grid to creating natural continents, biomes, major rivers, and distributing natural resources around the world.

The second half of the Atlas map-making section focuses on the inhabitants of the world and where they reside, distributing the ancestries around the world and placing down the most high-level locations of interest in the world.

From Atlas to Region Mapping

This section in the world building from scratch process focuses on how to zoom in from the atlas world map to the next level of map magnification: the region scale. It introduces how to diversify the map through magnification of scale, as well as, where and how to add points of interest to regions.

Worldbuilding Process External Resources