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My favorite place to keep RPG notes. I can check my notes anywhere, anytime using the power of the internet. Evernote

Google Suite

It’s hard not to use one of the most popular software suites ever. I use Drive to store PDFs of books I don’t want to carry around. Gmail is the industry standard email client due to its design and integration with the rest of the Google Suite. I’ve started using Keep religiously this year. It’s the easiest place for me to dump a quick idea or work on RPG stuff when taking a break at work. Tasks gives me a place to drop down checklists and to-do’s that I’ll see multiple times a day.


No matter your personal feelings about the fifth edition of ‘The World’s Greatest Role Playing Game’ it has a strong, cohesive visual style that people immediately recognize. Spend a little time learning Markdown and you can make home-brew content that looks lifted straight from the 5e core rule books. Homebrewery

Kobold Fight Club

Kobold Fight Club is the easiest way to create combat encounters for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Especially if you’re using Challenge Rating shifting from Alternative Encounter Building.

Cheat Sheets & Quick Refs

The Definitive GM Quick Reference for 5e

The Definitive GM Quick Reference for 5e is the perfect resource to have before you at the table. This quick reference distills each pillar of play into two-page spreads and covers everything from condition details to what the rogue finds when picking pockets.

Random Treasure Tables

Add variety to your gold and jewel treasure hordes with mundane goods. Random Treasure Tables includes food, textiles, arms and armor, medicine, and more to spice up your treasure.

Table Aids


I prefer notepads to notebooks. They’re easier to flip through and tear out pages when I’m finished. Notepads also lay flat on the table and the binding doesn’t get in the way of my writing. Plus, a small memo pad is the perfect size for tracking initiative and monster hit points.


Many people prefer battle mats, but they just don’t do it for me. They’re large and have to be rolled, so you can’t stuff them in your gaming bag. They also only work with wet erase markers. I’ve watched more than one mat ruined because someone accidentally used permanent or dry-erase marker on them. I don’t have any of those problems with the Paizo Flip-mats.

Storage Clipboard

The first time someone showed up at my table with one of these my mind was blown. It was such an obvious solution. Storage clipboards keep your character sheet off the table and while still writing on it. You can also store dice, pens, pencils, and even miniatures inside. If you’re short on table space or like to stand up and play this is a must-have.


When it comes to the table I’m a traditionalist. I like paper character sheets, rolling physical dice, and I leave my phone in my bag. But, I also don’t want to carry three+ books all the time. I use an older, inexpensive tablet loaded with PDFs. It’s smaller and lighter than one core rule book and my entire RPG library is one touch away.


There’s always that one player that somehow forgets something every session. Keep some cheap and ugly loaners on hand. Dice, cheap pencils, and blank character sheets. Useful and you won’t be upset if they accidentally leave with the borrower.

Updated 4/14/19