Updated 3/11/18

Online Tools

  • Evernote, My favorite place to keep notes on everything. It’s the digital notebook and reference I can take everywhere
  • Google Drive, Keeps those PDFs in reach
  • Homebrewery, Put your homebrew content in the official, D&D 5e format
  •, Online data visualization. I use it to make node maps for cities

Cheat Sheets & Quick Refs

  • Condition Details
  • Grapple Rules
  • Encounter Building Rules
  • Improvised Damage & Attack Bonus/DC
  • Miscellaneous Combat Actions
  • Pocket Contents Table
  • Skill/Tool Proficiency List
  • Treasure Tables

Table Aids

  • Pads (Legal & Steno)
  • Paizo Flip-Mat
  • Pencils: Cheap .07 Mechanical Pencils
  • Pens: Pilot Neo-Gel 07

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