Funnin’ Around

Quick Breakdown I have been absent and I will continue to be so for the next few months. I will resume regular posting later this summer but right now I have other demands on my time and energy. And considering Continue reading Funnin’ Around

Transitioning from Action Points to Augmented Fate Points

This is a continuation. Read part one, Gotta Give Him Upside! Last time I spent a little bit talking about Fate Points and how they operate as a mechanical boon by offering up some specific leeway to the GM for Continue reading Transitioning from Action Points to Augmented Fate Points

Gotta Give Him Upside!

Legend of Neil Season 1, Episode 4: Skeletons in Link’s Closet One of the most difficult things to do when running a campaign is getting your players to ‘buy-in’, leap the invisible gap that separates a player’s character as dictated Continue reading Gotta Give Him Upside!

Chasing the Dragon


If you were expecting a post about opiates you’re out of luck, sorry? What it is about is chase scenes. Now if you’ve been hanging around tabletop RPGs for any amount of time you probably haven’t played in a lot Continue reading Chasing the Dragon