In The Beginning You Meet In A Tavern

The trope starting point for any fantasy RPG campaign. A cloaked man at a dimly-lit table in the corner of the tavern motions you over and speaks in whispers about a job and a hefty purse of gold for its Continue reading In The Beginning You Meet In A Tavern

Racial Traits and The Ooze

If you have played anything other than a pre-generated character for any RPG system featuring multiple race options you know something about racial traits. It puts the pointy ears in elfs, beards on dwarf chins, and humans… well, makes them Continue reading Racial Traits and The Ooze

Solitary Refinement

So, those of you familiar with 4e know something about the different monster types. There are lurkers, skirmishers, brutes, soldiers, leaders, minions, elite, and solos. I want to talk about the latter. The idea of solo monsters is iconic, the Continue reading Solitary Refinement