D&D 30 Day Challenge Days 26 – 30 (The Finish Line!)

Favorite Non-Magic Item

Counterfeiting/Forgery Kit. A travel lap desk with all sorts of wood blocks and carving tools, sealing wax, fine vellum, ink, and quills. Use it to forge official documents and seals. Make everything from invitations to fancy parties to Letters of Marque, very useful.

Honorable Mentions: Ten Foot Pole, Thieves Tools

A Character You Want To Play In The Future

I would like to play another tactician or ‘No Attack’ warlord from 4e. The warlord has a large array of options and powers that allow it to boost someone’s attack or give them another attack in place of your own. It’s easy to play, surprisingly fun, and allows you to really explore other facets of combat like aid another actions, and alchemical weapons.

A Character You Will Never Play Again

I don’t know if I have a character I would refuse to play again. I try not to make PCs I hate. Outside of D&D I would say probably the first PC I create for any rules system without guidance from an experienced player. Mechanically they usually don’t work very well and are useless.

What Is The Number You Always Seem To Roll on a D20?

Three and Eighteen.

 Best DM You’ve Had

I’m not sure I can say I’ve had a hands down best DM. It’s sort of like saying someone is the best author you have ever read. In this case favorite does not necessarily mean best. I’ve had DMs who are good at different facets of the position. Some have been very strong with tactical combat, story plots, developing NPCs, improvising, world building, describing scenes and actions, creating suspense and an air of danger, props, wrangling the table, pacing, and having consistency.

The best advice I can say is play with a lot of different people and make note of what they do that works and what does not, use the information to try and improve your own overall style.

Well, that’s the end. It was good to look back into the past of my own experiences with Dungeons & Dragons and the history of the game itself. I definitely feel this was the right way to go through the challenge, taking a tedious month-long task and knocking it down into a two-week assignment. I have also developed a few other potential topics for upcoming posts that should be fun to look over.

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