D&D 30 Day Challenge Days 21 – 25

Favorite Dragon Color/Type

Red Dragon I guess, classic steak and potatoes with a house salad.

Favorite Monster Overall

Goblinoids. Goblins, Bugbears, Hobgoblins, and Barghest. Some might argue whether these distinct races should be grouped together, I too often wonder, I enjoy their overall presence. With such a gamut of related monsters goblinoids are a common enemy from level one up to ten. Another facet of my enjoyment is their distinct differences. Cowardly and servile goblins, brutish and sadistic bugbears, and towards the top calculating and spartan hobgoblins. Any lair or dungeon that might conceivably fit one of the races is fair game for adding the others.

Where I think these monsters really stand out is when you get past the combat. Adventure parties who take into their fold a sniveling goblin servant who may steal from them or sell them out at the first advantageous opportunity. Hobgoblins are pragmatic if cruel leaders. They would pay better than average for mundane weapons to outfit their growing warband. Bugbears can often function just as well in any spot you might otherwise use an orc.

Honorable Mentions: Otyugh, Cadaver Collector, Wraith/Wight

Least Favorite Monster Overall

Dragons. I know, I know, it’s in the game’s title but it’s my list. They’re overused and underpowered. By mythical origins they are supposed to be some of the most powerful creatures alive; heck, Bahamut and Tiamat are worshiped as gods. I don’t believe them to be the sort of creatures that the average adventuring party and allies should be able to smite, even at level cap. Also they’re way too commonplace in most worlds for my liking.

I blame this perspective from Smaug. It may be overly pedantic of me, but oh well. In games I run dragons are generally myths and PCs are unlikely to encounter them; drakes, wyrms, and the like on the other hand…

Favorite Energy Type

Radiant, because turning and ripping up undead and demons with vulnerability is way more satisfying than melting an army of fire-vulnerable, evil snowmen with Burning Spray.

Favorite Magic Item

+X Learning Weapon


– Gain a cumulative +1 to attacks against the target when you miss with an attack with this weapon, up to a maximum equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus. This bonus ends if you hit the target or attack another creature with the weapon.

– Gain a +2 to your next damage roll with the weapon when you hit with this weapon until the end of your next turn.

A weapon that helps you hit when you miss and do more damage when you hit. There’s little more I can ask of a magic item. Also, +X Inescapable Weapon as an economical alternative. Inescapable weapons only have the first property, which is still pretty good.

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