Racial Traits and The Ooze

If you have played anything other than a pre-generated character for any RPG system featuring multiple race options you know something about racial traits. It puts the pointy ears in elfs, beards on dwarf chins, and humans… well, makes them Continue reading Racial Traits and The Ooze

AC vs. Armor Soak

Is one definitively better than the other? Certainly people have their own personal preferences but is one system superior the other? In short I would say no, there is no superior, they are different. For me it’s the old apples Continue reading AC vs. Armor Soak

Tipping Balance

Sometimes systems do a disfavor to themselves in playing to the idea of perfect balance. I speak somewhat of magic user quadratic progression and martial class linear progression. Those of you familiar with older iterations of D20 role playing games Continue reading Tipping Balance